FULL INTERVIEW: NFL Legend Joe Theismann discussed the future of Rodgers with the Packers and the playoffs

Theismann, "There's a lot of reasons to feel good if you're Aaron Rodgers."

Former Super Bowl Champion and football legend Joe Theismann joined the Jason & John Show on Friday (1/15/21) and talked about a ton of things going on in the NFL, including the future of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Theisman feels good about Rodgers and the future of his current team.

"I think Aaron Rodgers, by far, has the most unique ability to draw people offsides. He runs that part of the game better than anybody," Theismann told 92.9 FM ESPN's Jason & John. Theismann likes the fit for Rodgers in Green Bay.

"Aaron is going to stay in Green Bay." Theismann said about what he thinks will happen going forward with the Packers. He went on to add, "I think (Rodgers) will sign an extension that will take him to 40 (years old). I think he's as comfortable in that offense as anyone under center."

Most importantly, after all the preseason speculation that happened because Green Bay drafted a quarterback, Theismann said he thinks the marriage for the Packers and Green Bay is perfect. "There's a lot of reasons to feel good if you're Aaron Rodgers and the Packers."

Packers vs. Rams

Theismann talked about the matchup for the Rams in Green Bay. He think it will be hard given the climate and the opposing quarterback. He said, "Jared Goff had surgery on that thumb two weeks ago. It's not just (about) performing in cold weather (for the Rams)."

Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees

On the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints matchup this weekend, Theismann is skeptical about the Bucs. "I saw how (Tampa Bay) played against Washington. They dropped a bunch of balls." Theismann went on to add, "I think (the Bucs) have to play a whole lot better football to beat New Orleans."

Theismann revealed that the New Orleans defense could be a key to victory. He told Jason & John that New Orleans defense "hasn't been talked about enough." New Orleans' (defense) is at full strength and ready for this matchup.

Baker Mayfield vs Patrick Mahomes

On the Cleveland Browns game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Theismann spoke about both of the high profile quarterbacks playing. He said that Baker Mayfield "just needs to play within himself." Theismann likes the Browns running game. "You want Patrick (Mahomes) to sit on the sideline as much as possible."

Theismann thinks the pressure for this weekend is on Patrick Mahomes. "He (Mahomes) has not played well at all in the last couple of games." Theismann thinks the Browns need to eliminate as many big plays as they can from Mahomes and Tarik Hill.

HERE'S THE FULL INTERVIEW FROM 92.9's Jason & John with Joe Theismann (1/15/21)