Saints' Taysom Hill now only eligible as a quarterback in fantasy football


For a brief moment, there was a massive cheat code in fantasy football that surely won some games that ought not have been won, and lost some games that weren't deserving losses. It was like a glitch in a video game that allowed for total domination while players on the receiving end moaned and complained, and developers scrambled for a patch.

Taysom Hill, starting at quarterback for the New Orleans Saints following a Drew Brees injury, was slotted into several ESPN lineups as a tight end in Week 11. He scored 24.4 points, an output that has only been exceeded by three tight ends in an individual week throughout this entire season (Tyler Higbee, 25.9 points in Week 2; George Kittle, 32.6 points in Week 4; Robert Tonyan, 30.8 points in Week 4).

And of the major fantasy football season-long formats, ESPN was the only one that allowed this loophole, while daily fantasy sites varied in their determination of Hill's eligibility. Needless to say, it's understandable why Hill was owned in 87 percent of ESPN leagues in contrast to just 43 percent of Yahoo leagues.

After all, if your league had an available "tight end" in free agency with this role on his offense, you'd probably want to pick him up, too.

But now, we can put this one-week glitch behind us. The patch has been delivered. ESPN released a FAQ regarding their change of heart, stating that Hill will only be eligible as a quarterback on fantasy football rosters going forward. But why couldn't they have done that at an earlier time, like most other sites?

"Early last week, ESPN Fantasy maintained it would not take away Hill's primary position eligibility of tight end once the league week began on Tuesday," says the FAQ. "The reason for this is so fantasy managers were given ample time to make necessary roster assessments and lineup decisions before waivers running early Wednesday morning and in advance of the first game of the week Thursday.

"Now that it has been established that Hill will be primarily a QB, and with the above framework in mind, ESPN Fantasy is able to make the change at the start of fantasy Week 12."

So, in sum, tough luck for all you out there who had to play against the tight end iteration of Taysom Hill in Week 11. If you somehow won, you deserve major kudos, because a 24.4 point tight end performance is something that usually accompanies a big W on that fortunate team.

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