Akiem Hicks: The Patriots have the secret sauce

By 92-9 The Game

Chicago Bears defensive lineman Akiem Hicks joined Dukes and Bell on Radio Row at Super Bowl 53 and was asked about Falcons offensive linemen trying to block him.

“It’s not for lack of trying," Hicks said with a joking laugh. "If you have a true love for the sport you can see it, and that’s what I try to show every week when I go out there is my true love for the sport.”

Hicks when asked if he dislikes the Saints... 

“For people that don’t know, I don’t know if I’ve ever been clearer for my dislike for them," said Hicks. "I’m a Chicago Bear thru and thru.”

Hicks on what Khalil Mack means to the Bears... 

“He does a great job of making the entire defense better, Hicks said. “His command on the defensive line having to have to slide toward him makes it that much easier for everyone on the defensive line. Having an elite pass-rusher makes everyone else’s job on the line easier.”

When asked about what the secret is to the Patriots success (whom he played for) Hicks said, “It’s meat and potatoes that’s the secret sauce. It’s football at it’s origin. You are put in the right place, you are put in situations to make you excel it’s secret sauce is going back to football at its roots, you feel like you are learning something every day.”​