Andrew Siciliano: C.J. Anderson best December pickup in NFL history

By 92-9 The Game

The host of NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone, Andrew Siciliano, joined Dukes and Bell on Radio Row at Super Bowl 53. He talked about how the Red Zone channel works for him on Sundays throughout the season. 

“My producer deserves so much of the credit," said the Red Zone host. "To pull something off like we do on the Red Zone channel, they pull highlights, we have spotters working with me and I’m lucky to have them.”

Siciliano on how Atlanta is doing so far hosting the Super Bowl... 

“It’s a great town," said Siciliano. "It took 19 years to get it back; a lot of stuff happened that year and it was out of everyone’s control. You have a great stadium, the snow didn’t happen, you were prepared if it did and it’s been a great week.”

Siciliano was then asked if he thinks the Rams have a shot on Sunday.

“I think they have a fighting chance," said Siciliano. "I do the Rams preseason TV so I’m a little biased but they have a chance. They’ve moved Woods into the slot to make up for the loss of Kupp. C.J. Anderson is the best December pickup in NFL history and I do think this game will come down to the fourth quarter. These guys will both hold something back, what is it, when do they play those cards and how will the other team react we will have to find out, so tune into the fourth quarter.”​