Is Austin Riley the hottest thing since sliced toast?

By 92-9 The Game

Atlanta Braves spring training is underway and Duane expresses why he’s not too enthusiastic to tune in because “a lot of times you have mix and match guys who are not going to play with the big league club”  He prefers the regular rotation so he can dive right in.

One Braves player he hopes proves him wrong this season is Austin Riley. Duane remembers fans bragging about Riley “being the next best thing since sliced toast,” he continues with his prediction on Riley’s future with the Braves, “I just don’t see our Braves organization making a play on bringing a third baseman in...” But unlike Duane, Austin Riley expresses his optimism to Braves fans that this year will be better. Riley is proving himself as he crushed a two-run home run against the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday accounting for the Braves 2 runs.


Crushed. --#BravesST | @austinriley1308

— Atlanta Braves (@Braves) March 3, 2020

It looks to be a close competition between Austin Riley v. Johan Camargo for the starting third-base job since Josh Donaldson hit free agency.  Duane believes that “I don’t see the braves making a financial investment at this point in the game. If it becomes a concern and needs down the line in May and June… maybe they’ll make a move.”


Like most fans, Duane does have huge expectations for the Braves as they have surprised us all the last two seasons making playoff appearances in the ‘rebuilding phase’.  He hopes this year they will make it to the World Series.