DQ Isn't Going Anywhere

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So obviously today there’s a lot of buzz about Dan Quinn and why he should no longer be the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. Now, I’ll start by saying that people are upset for a reason.

You cannot start 1-3 with the kind of talent that we have on this roster and not start asking questions about whether or not Quinn should be the coach of this team for much longer.

The problem with this, and the problem that I’m seeing in the media and from you the fans, is that many are calling for Quinn to be fired now, as in you all wanted him fired this morning.

He was supposed to wave his magic defensive coaching wand and suddenly start calling plays that made this a top-10 defense in the NFL.

We all bought into that and sure enough, four games in, this defense can’t stop anyone. I mean geez, three touchdown passes from Marcus Mariota? Two of which were to rookie A.J. Brown who had never caught a TD pass until Week 4?  Now, I’m not saying that Quinn won’t be fired. We are trending toward a lot of people losing their jobs this upcoming offseason if things continue. I’m talking about Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitroff as well. But to call for DQ’s head because the Falcons are just 1-3 is ridiculous.
Here are the three main reasons why Quinn will not be fired anytime soon.

  1. It’s not the Falcons way. I know it’s hard to believe based on history, but the Falcons are a competent organization. Yes, they are struggling and have been struggling. But we are just a few years removed from the playoffs. Good organizations don’t fire coaches mid-season. Arthur Blank is a calculated man who won’t do anything crass or rushed. Now, we’ve already said that DQ probably will get fired at the end of the season. But a mid-season shakeup at the top of your organization is not happening in Atlanta.
  2. The defense is not good anyway. Guys, look at this defensive roster. Where is the talent? Take away Grady Jarrett (who is undersized if we are being honest) and where is the talent? Desmond Trufant is the seventh-highest paid corner in the league and he plays like the 32nd-best corner in the league. Isaiah Oliver continues to get exposed. Ricardo Allen has an overall Pro Football Focus grade of 55.9. Keanu Neal can’t stay healthy. Vic Beasley was washed up two years ago. Takk has half a sack through five games and Deion Jones is great but undersized in the run game. It’s just not a good roster. Now, can it be a decent defense? Sure, but we expected the moon from this defense and yet the coach and the players just aren’t that great.
  3. Finally, you’ll hate to hear it, but its only Week 4. The Falcons are not 0-8. They are 1-3. Win on the road at a struggling Texans squad and then beat bad Arizona and you're 3-3 before even playing a divisional game.

Again, am I defending Quinn? No! He’s going to get fired if this keeps up. He SHOULD be fired if this keeps up. But all I’m hearing on the “Falcon Flyover” Sunday, is that Quinn needs to be fired today and I’m sitting here wondering how anyone can logically get to that conclusion.

The Falcons have a lot of problems. Quinn might be one of them but he’s not the only reason this team is 1-3.