Falcons Fowler Believes NFL Should Allow Fans


The Atlanta Falcons' second workout of the acclimation period is now in the books as the players once again took the practice field in Flowery Branch on Tuesday.

This offseason has been unlike any the players have encountered due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Teams have been holding virtual meetings and having to prepare themselves at home, for the most part.

The NFL is testing players daily for Covid-19 and the players had to have two negative tests in order to participate in team workouts.

Another part of the game that will likely look different this year is fans. Some teams have already announced they will have no fans in the stands.

Defensive end Dante Fowler, who signed a three-year, $48-million contract with the Falcons in March, joined the Midday Show and gave his thoughts on playing with minimal to no fans. 

"I am a crowd-pleaser so I like to pump the crowd up," Fowler told Andy and Randy. "It'd be weird that I'd just be pumping the crowd up on air, but whatever's going to get me going and get me juiced up, I'm going to do it. It'll definitely be different but it's OK."