Dimitroff: 'Contrary' To Koetter, Comfortable With Gurley's Health


Ever since the Atlanta Falcons signed running back Todd Gurley in the offseason, there have questions and concerns regarding his health.

Gurley, who tore his ACL in his final season at the University of Georgia, saw limited snaps while with the Rams during the 2019. Reports prior to that season said he was dealing with arthritis in his knee.

Well, those questions were heightened last week after offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter had this to say when asked about Gurley's health:

"He can do everything. He's an excellent runner, he's good in the pass game [and] he can protect. The main question no one seems to know is, 'What's his health status? What is his workload?'"

Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff joined 92.9 The Game on Thursday and was asked about Koetter's comments and Gurley's health.

"It's not something that I go to sleep at night restless over at all," Dimitroff told Andy and Randy. "Contrary to what Dirk said, um, I said what I said at the very beginning of this as well as Dan (Quinn), we have all the information that we need to date, short of us being able to put our hands on Todd. And when we're able to do that, it will confirm everything and finalize everything."

"I am very comfortable with the information that we have at this point. We had a lot of information. It wasn't like we randomly just approached Todd Gurley for a deal here and didn't know the background."