Dimitroff: Trading Into Top 5 Was 'Unrealistic'

Prior to the 2020 NFL Draft, many media outlets reported that the Atlanta Falcons were looking to trade up in the first round. ESPN had them looking to trade up into the Top 5.

The Falcons ended up staying pact and took Clemson cornerback A.J. Terrell at No. 16 overall. It was the first time in general manager Thomas Dimitroff's tenure he didn't make a trade on draft day. 

Dimitroff told 92.9 The Game that a trade of that magnitude wasn't feasible. 

"Though it was reported that we were looking to trade up into the top five, that was a little more unrealistic," Dimitroff said.

"Everyone is always going to--I shouldn't say everyone--many people in our business are going to reach out and talk about possibilities of trading. That's just, that's good business in my mind."

Dimitroff said if they were to have made a trade, the No. 9-12 spots were more realistic.

"We kind of had a zoomed focus in that area just because that was something that from a trade compensation standpoint and from who we thought might be projected to that area, without getting into a ton of specifics."

"Personally, I've always been involved in trades in the draft. It's something I believe in being aggressive that way. This was truly the first year that everything was falling into place as we wanted...and we feel very strongly with where we were. I will never just trade for the sake of trading to be 'Trader Thomas' or whatever the comment it."