Falcons Jarrett Feels Safe Returning To Football


The Atlanta Falcons held their first workout of the acclimation period in Flowery Branch on Monday.

One of those players that returned to action was veteran defensive tackle Grady Jarrett who is entering his fifth year in the league.

Jarrett joined The Midday Show with Andy and Randy and was asked the obvious question first: Does he feel safe coming back to football?

"Absolutely. Things are clean-cut, processed and just very, very thorough and open, and I feel good being here," Jarrett said.

What about the players choosing to opt out?

"To each his own. I mean, if they feel like they have to do that then, that clause is there for a reason," Jarrett said. "There's plenty of people that want to play and there's people who don't want to play."

"I know I want to play and everybody's got their own reasons. Nobody should be shunned for taking that option to opt out but also, if you want to play, you shouldn't be shunned either."

We back -- pic.twitter.com/m1UQllr30U

— Atlanta Falcons (@AtlantaFalcons) August 3, 2020