Jarrett may have to deal with toe injury 'for the rest of the season'


Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett did not practice with the team on Wednesday and was listed on the injury report with a toe injury. While the team hasn't released specific information on Jarrett's toe, injury expert Will Carroll joined The Morning Show with John Fricke and Hugh Douglas on Thursday to offer extra information.

"It's annoying and it's not going to go away," said Carroll. "Here's the problem is this is a lingering injury that's difficult to heal and there's not a lot you can do for it except for rest, which you only get a week of. So they've gotta hope he doesn't get out there and hurt himself again."

What can Jarrett and the Falcons do to remedy the toe injury?

"What you do for it is you put – it's used to be metal, now they use carbon fiber – a very stiff shank so the toe can't bend so they'll have a toe box over it as well to protect it," Carroll explained to John and Hugh.

"It's an issue they're going to have to manage, but it's probably one he's going to have for the rest of the season."