Blank sells 10% share of Falcons

Atlanta Falcons team owner Arthur Blank
Photo credit © Mena Diaz / ENTERCOM ATLANTA/92-9 The Game
Arthur Blank paid approximately $545 million for the Atlanta Falcons in 2002. On Monday, he reportedly sold 10 percent of the franchise to two current lmited partners and a new limited partner, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says.

The price tag for Monday's transaction: An estimated $300 million.

An annual study of 2018 NFL valuations from Forbes listed the Falcons' current value at $2.65 billion. Blank's selling of 10 percent of the team at $300 million means he negotiated a bit above value to part with a small portion of the franchise.
According to the AJC, the Falcons' new limited partner is Alan Kestenbaum, who joined with two existing limited partners, Doug Hertz and Ron Canakaris, in this most recent deal. Other limited partners include Warrick Dunn, Derek Smith, Ed Mendel and Brian Barker.

Blank remains the majority owner and major decision-maker.