Could you recognize an MLB player in public?

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By 92-9 The Game

Wait...robot umpires in baseball? Yes, that happened this week as the Atlantic League experimented with Trackman , a system that uses Doppler radar to determine whether a pitch makes it into the strike zone, in the league's all-star game. The system performed just about as well as a human umpire would have, at least, better than Angel Hernandez. Is this the future of baseball?

Did you recognize the player in the photograph above? Most people couldn't away from the ballpark. Yes, that's MLB star and Los Angeles outfielder Mike Trout. Why do MLB stars not have the recognizability that other sports stars have? Everyone can point out Lebron James or Steph Curry but not Trout or Freddie Freeman? Sam Crenshaw and former Falcon Fred McCrary talk about what happened in baseball this past week.