Marino: Matt Ryan gives the Falcons a chance to win every year

By 92-9 The Game

Hall of Fame Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino joined Dukes and Bell on Radio Row at Super Bowl 53. With his former team going through a transition period, which seemingly includes the quarterback position every year, Marino is a fan of their current guy under center Ryan Tannehill. 

Marino on Ryan Tannehill, "I love Ryan. Ryan's a tough kid, and all that. He's just went through the last couple years with some injuries, you know I think it took it's toll on him a little bit. He's still going to be on the roster. He's a Dolphin. He's our guy."

Although he hasn't been named, Marino also had thoughts on Dolphins presumptive head coach Brian Flores. Marino said, "I actually haven't met our new head coach yet. This week, after the game, we'll be introducing him and the assistants. That'll be exciting for all of us. It'll be interesting, we're all going to be positive about him."

Marino also addressed the attitudes at the quarterback position, especially when it comes to Tom Brady. Marino said, "Tom Brady's won Super Bowls so when he says something, they're going to validates everything. It's not necessarily being cocky but you want to have a quarterback that has confidence and think they can win in whatever it is it takes; to get his guys rallied and believe in him."

When asked about Matt Ryan Marino said, "I really like Matt. I got to know him a little bit in the off-season. We had a chance to draft Matt in Miami, and we passed on him. He's a guy that's consistently been there for you guys for what, 12 years now? You got a chance every year. That's the guys you want; you want guys who give you that opportunity every week to win a football game."​