Falcons doomed from start in Vikings loss

Falcons Punter Matt Bosher
Photo credit © Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports
"I don't understand why you throw the ball the very first play," says Hugh. "I don't think that Koetter stayed with the run long enough."

When you leave @AnthonyBarr unblocked, bad things are going to happen.#Skol pic.twitter.com/5yY0ohzIk9

— Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) September 8, 2019

Hugh Douglas continued, explaining that the Falcons should have known someone else besides Julio was going to have to be the guy for the Falcons offense.

"It was going to be that type of day. Nobody was going to let Julio get his at the beginning of the game. The dude just got paid, I'm not about to let Julio Jones beat me. You didn't feature anybody, you didn't run the ball enough for me."