Pereira on review for pass interference: I'm not for it, but the solution is an easy one

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By 92-9 The Game

Mike Pereira joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the non-call in the NFC Championship game “The disappointing part to me is how easy a call it was, I get officials not wanting to be the story with calling ticky tack calls so when the big call arises you’ve set yourself up not to make the call.”

 Mike talked about if calls like this are a product of not having the same crews from the regular season “I think it opens itself up to that possibility, I don’t care about the best officials, I care about the best officiating and in a group of seven there are strengths and weaknesses and when you work together for a whole season you know how to get the best officiating crew and that’s how I did it when I ran it but they stopped doing that when the same official did three straight Super Bowls and he wasn’t the best official based on how he graded out so they went back to this system.”

 When asked about how to fix this Pereira said “I think it’s so easy to fix, I’m not for expanding replay, I’m not for making pass interference reviewable, if you let coaches challenge anything the number will go up, which the game will be more disrupted than ever before. I’m for adding an eight official, he’s not apart of replay but he sets in a booth and has all the technology he can see all the angles and he gets in the Refs ear and tells him if it is or isn’t a penalty.”