Weakness with UGA football will be unproven players

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Photo credit © Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mitch Light, the managing editor for Athlon Sports, spoke with Chris Goforth and Harper Le Bel about the Georgia Bulldogs and if they are on par with Alabama and Clemson. He feels that talent-wise they are, but they still have more questions than those programs.

"Clemson and Alabama might be slightly better, Ohio State might be in the mix with Georgia, but those programs are top and picked in the top five," said Light. "So recruiting does matter."

Light closed with his thoughts on Georgia by pinpointing what the weakness is this season for the Bulldogs.

"Unproven players, losing Isaac Nauta at tight end, Riley Ridley at receiver, linebackers," said Light. "I don't know if it's a weakness, we just haven't seen it done. It's uncertainty."