How much more of this can Blank take?


Arthur Blank celebrated his 77th birthday last week and boy what a lousy gift he got from his Falcons on Sunday.

We made a mediocre QB and a mediocre team look like Super Bowl contenders.

Can't block, can't tackle. Cant score points. If I was paying half a billion in guaranteed contracts, heads would be rolling,

But Dan Quinn isn't getting fired anytime soon. If we keep putting this garbage out there, one could argue that by the Week 9 bye, it's bye-bye. 

But 1-3 isn't a death sentence for this team. I know that sounds like blowing smoke, but can a team with all this talent continue to play this bad in the next three quarters of the season?

I feel like Al Pacino's character Coach Tony D'Amato in "Any Given Sunday."

"Where's your pride Falcons?"

First play of the season and Anthony Barr blows by Jake Mathews like he's not even there and Matt Ryan gets sacked. He's a high-paid veteran; has to play better. Later we get a punt blocked and the Vikes are off to the races.

So does Desmond Trufant, another high-paid veteran. We wanted more picks from Tru and Carson Wentz was nice enough to oblige in Week 2 with two lollipops to No. 21. But last week versus the Titans, Trufant wasn't in the same zip code as their receivers.

Matt Ryan has seven turnovers thru four games, six picks and a fumble. I thought he'd have a comfort level with Dirk Koetter. He looks as uncomfortable as he did in his first few weeks with Sark.

It's one thing to watch Isaiah Oliver struggle, or the rookie linemen (when healthy). That's to be expected. But the veterans, what's their excuse?

The talent is there at least on offense. I thought we'd get back into the 2016 business model where we scored 30 points a game. Other teams get one dimensional and we can get heat on the QB and roll to the playoffs.

And that looks like the only way Takk McKinley and Vic Beasley will ever get sustained pass-rush.

And another thing! The Falcons, save for the Eagles game, keep finding themselves down big at halftime. The defense cant get stops, the run game never gets traction and turnovers kill scoring drives. 

So what happens now? Well if you're looking for precedents... 

Dan Reeves was fired with three games left in the 2003 season. That's the year the Ravens broke Mick Vick's leg in preseason action.

Even after Jim Mora Jr. went on Seattle radio the second week in December of 06' proclaiming he'd take the Washington job even if the Falcons were making a playoff run, Arthur waited for the end of the year to fire him.

Bobby Petrino quit before he could be fired in the lost season of 2007.

Mike Smith made it through the end of 2014. Most Falcons fans (like me) thought Arthur would have canned Smitty after the London debacle that year versus the Lions at Wembley.

The Falcons hung around that year beating the Saints in Week 16 to keep their divisional hopes alive only to be curb-stomped by the Panthers at home.

Can Dan Quinn and his coaching staff turn this around? It's his defense. He cant fire himself, right? Remember back in the 2016 season when DQ took over the defense from Richard Smith?

I still would love to know whatever happened with Marquand Manuel? in 2017 his defense was top 10 points allowed, yards rushing and top 12 in passing yards allowed. The next year with the defense decimated by injury DQ said the Falcons "lost their compass." 

Well Dan better find the North Star, pronto. Because he's run out of other coaches to blame and Arthur Blank knows that.