Jones: Justin Fields "Wows" you

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Photo credit © Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports
By 92-9 The Game

CBS College Football analyst Brian Jones joined Dukes & Bell and talked all things college football.

Brian talked about Jalen Hurts comments on playing in big games in his past.

 “He’s played in huge games, he’s played in national title games, in SEC Championship games.” Jones said “This guy has a ton of experience in the biggest games you can imagine, so you can’t smack talk him. Jalen Hurts is right, he’s been in the big moments, I just wish my Texas guys wouldn’t smack talk him.”

When asked about Justin Fields.

 “Going into the last few games he had at least a rushing and passing touchdown in each game.” Jones said “He had a few hiccups against a good defense last week, but I like this Fields kid, he’s going to wow you, he’s a true dual threat quarterback.”