More cause for concern: Braves bullpen or starting rotation?

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Photo credit © Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

As spring training is now in full swing, the guys on Dukes & Bell decided to take a look at the Braves' bullpen situation. Last year the team’s bullpen hit the proverbial wall when it got deeper into the season and was something the team wanted to improve.

Carl Dukes said he thinks the bullpen is strong, and how good the relievers depends on the veteran leadership in the pen.

“The bullpen was the weak spot on this team and a lot of that was because of the walks they allowed, and this has got to get better,” said Dukes. “I think if you look at O’Day, Venters, Minter, Vizcaino these are guys that can get it done, and I just think even if you don’t go get another guy you’re looking better."

Atlanta's bullpen walked 273 batters in 2018, only three teams (Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Miami) walked more. 

Mike Bell talked about how he doesn’t want to see Touki Touissant in the bullpen.

“Lets hope these guys can get it done, because it doesn’t look like you’re going to get Kimbrel,” Bell said. “I don’t want to see Touki Touissant in the bullpen. I want to see him in the starting rotation to me he proved himself last year.”