Billick on Reviewing Pass Interference: Be careful what we ask for

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By 92-9 The Game

Brian Billick joined Dukes & Bell and spoke with the guys about the pass interference call that wasn’t called in New Orleans on Sunday “It’s unfortunate that this happened, you can understand the angst that they have in New Orleans right now, but we need to be careful here with going down the path of reviewing penalties. If you want to go back and look at any play that we can find holding, defensive holding so I would caution going down this path.”

 Coach talked about the consistency of the officials “For the most part the officials are going to get it right, and this was a blatant one but we’ve seen this time and time before the officials are going to let things go and error on not throwing the flag. We saw Belichick go nuts in the Kansas City game because they missed the pick route, so where are you going to draw this line, I understand it but I caution that we are careful with what we ask for.”

Billick talked about if Coaches talk with their teams about the crews that officiate the games “They will tell you there is consistency but every week part of our game preparation would be to sit with the players and tell them here is the officiating crew and here are the numbers based on what they call and what they don’t. Now the league spends an incredible amount of time going over calls with crews, but in the end there is a human element involved in the game.”

 When asked about the greatness of the Brady/Belichick duo “Let’s appreciate how spectacular this is, we will never see this duplicated again in the NFL, it’s just not how the game is set up right now, it’s always a little disrespectful to say that one of them would be able to do this without the other one.”