NFL Trade Rumor: Could Falcons deal LT Matthews?

By 92-9 The Game

When the Atlanta Falcons traded Mohamed Sanu to New England, the fan base narrative wasn’t aimed so much at how much of a loss to the receiving corps the move was. People were thinking farther ahead.

Who’s next?

Will Sanu be the only player dealt before Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline of 4 p.m. ET?

Scout Dave-Te’ Thomas told Paul Crane on the Scout’s Honor podcast that he’s hearing buzz about left tackle Jake Matthews.

“I'm hearing quiet noise out there about something possibly happening with Matthews with Atlanta,” Thomas said at the 10:45 mark of the pod. “You look at Matthews this year, he's not having a typical year out there. Matter of fact, he's probably in the lower third as far as grading for offensive tackles go. Could this be a guy that's in for a chance of scenery? Possibly.

“You could definitely get a Day 2 [pick] for that guy.”