Tiki Barber: "In football every play is a business decision."


3x Pro Bowler Tiki Barber joined Rick and John from SB Radio Row.

Tiki talks about the SB chaos in Atlanta and he onced loved staying out all night but these days he is get in and get out. They talk about his side gig on Broadway in the play Kinky Boots how he got started about 15 years ago. This specific play came together 5-6 months ago when he met the choreographer of Kinky boots who wanted an Athlete to star in the show and he is loving being in the play.

They move to football and Tiki told us there comes a point where you have to make a business decision on the football field and most times when he blocked Hugh Douglas he would grab him and drag him down and look like a fool but he didn't get to his QB. They wrap it up talking about the Hall of Fame and Tiki told John Edgerin James better get in because he can't get in until he does. ​

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