Is Slow Start for Acuña Reason to Worry?


Sixteen players in camp for the Atlanta Braves have more than two hits in spring training thus far. Why is two the magic number? Ronald Acuña Jr. is 2 for 19 through seven games.

The guys on Dukes & Bell talked about the young outfielder’s slow start to spring and if it’s cause for concern.

Carl questions whether we should be worried about Acuña.

“Acuña is not having a great spring. He’s not tearing the cover off the ball, but I’m not worried,” Dukes said. “I’m not worried about Acuña because in 2018 when he was the Rookie of the Year the guy hit .293 with 18 home runs and was clutch. Nobody was ever worried about what this was going to be. He comes back last year and was better. Why are you worried about Ronald Acuña, or should you be?”

 Mike said it’s just spring training.

“Are there things he’s working on in his swing? Not much to work on to me,” Bell said. “There are times to worry, but this is spring training. It’s a bit overblown but if this doesn’t turn around by the end of spring training it will be weird.”