The Dukes Dump: Korver started conversation 'we have to have'

By 92-9 The Game

Kyle Korver spent four and a half seasons with the Atlanta Hawks and was instrumental in helping the Hawks to their 2014-15 60-win season.

On Monday, he penned an article on The Players' Tribune called "Privileged" that may become instrumental in opening a dialogue for race relations in the NBA and beyond.

In Tuesday's episode of The Dukes Dump, Carl Dukes shares his feelings after sitting down to read and digest Korver's article after Monoday's Dukes & Bell show.

"I love the fact that Kyle Korver wrote this piece," said Dukes. "I love that he's engaging in this conversation. So many people who are not people of color run from this. They don't want to engage in this. They are afraid of what other people might think. Or they are afraid of the consequences of what might happen.

"We have to have these conversations."