'We haven't seen the best from Clemson yet'

By 92-9 The Game

The College Football Gametime Crew was joined by The Voice of the Clemson Tigers, Don Munson, who previewed Monday night’s National Championship Game against the LSU Tigers.

The conversation turned to the strength of the ACC, specifically if any teams could potential challenge Clemson next season. “Do you expect there will finally be a program that will finally step up and challenge you at all,” John Fricke asked Munson.

“I would think that what Mack Brown has done at North Carolina in year one, they would be the most obvious team,” Munson replied. “We haven’t seen the best from Clemson yet,” Munson continued.

After talking about a few other ACC teams Munson continued, “I expect us to win Monday night. I expect us to win next year and I’ll be honest I expect to win the year after that. I expect to win four in a row.”