Does Falcons' Defense Rest On Shoulders Of Keanu Neal?

"Considering you have a rookie in A.J. Terrell and young corners like Oliver and Sheffield, having Keanu Neal healthy and being impactful back there because you're going up against so many wide receivers this year," Fricke said.

Falcons head coach @FalconsDQ told @MikeBellATL & @putemupcdukes Keanu Neal is doing great. "He's hitting all the marks you would hope he'd hit." DQ is keeping up with Neal via video. "He looks like himself in terms of speed and change of direction."

— 92.9 The Game (@929TheGame) May 12, 2020

Hugh Douglas adds a few points to the argument as well.

"Number one is defense is going to have to put pressure on the QBs, and number two is when those receivers catch the ball you have to make them pay," Hugh said. "The way you stop receivers from catching the ball is make them worried about where you are. That intimidation factor is huge and that's why Coach Quinn wants those bigger guys to be intimidating on the back end."