How did Frank de Boer lose his job but Dan Quinn kept his?

By 92-9 The Game

To continue the final hour this Friyay edition of The Jon Chuckery Show, Jon raised a very interesting question about the dichotomy between Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and now former Atlanta United manager Frank de Boer. Jon asked the question: How come Dan got to stay and not Frank?

Jon has a couple of theories as to why Quinn is still the Falcons head coach after a 7-9 season last year that included a 1-7 start and why de Boer mutually agreed with Atlanta United to part ways on Friday after winning the Campeones Cup, U.S. Open Cup, and coaching his team to an Eastern Conference Finals match all in his first year as manager.

One of Jon’s theories is that Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United owner Arthur Blank “knows more about football than he does soccer,” and therefore he lets Atlanta United’s President and Technical Director,  Darren Eales and Carlos Bocanegra, do more of the decision making.

Another theory Jon has is that de Boer held his players more accountable than Quinn does. Chuckery basically says that Dan has more slogans and that Frank didn’t just give the guys a slogan when they played poorly, but would tell them to get their crap together.

All in all, Chuckery isn’t mad at the decision made by de Boer and Atlanta United, but he is wondering how a manager who brought home two trophies, and had his team on the cusp of another MLS Cup lost his job after three games without his best player, while Dan Quinn still has his job after a 1-7 start, a 7-9 season, and three 5-game losing streaks to his name.

Oh and let’s not forget a blown Super Bowl. If Dan deserved to keep his job doesn’t Frank as well?