Kyle Wright's stuff is as nasty as it gets

Atlanta Braves analyst for FOX Sports Nick Green joined John Fricke and Hugh Douglas to preview the 2019 season.

Green on this team’s success coming down to the bullpen versus starting pitching and if the Braves could still add Craig Kimbrel... 

“If you add Kimbrel and get the rest of the bullpen healthy then you will be in good shape," said Green. "The pressure is on the starting pitching right now and the team will be relying on young arms.”

Green on Kevin Gausman’s Spring Training.

“He has had two good outings and the team is setting him up to be ready for the Cubs series,” said Green.

Green on the young pitching staff. 

“You have to have a lot of different guys and a lot of different arms," said Green. "I want to see [Luiz> Gohara get healthy and get back on track. I’m excited about Kyle Wright. His stuff is as nasty as it gets. What Touki [Touissant> did last year. I agree with John Smoltz, this is the best collection of young pitching talent that I have ever seen.”

The stuff Kyle Wright is working with ---- #Braves @PitchingNinja

— Andrew Gibson (@1010XLAG) March 6, 2019

Green on Josh Donaldson hitting 40 home runs... 

“I would love to see that, but the biggest question with him hitting 40 is whether or not he stays healthy," said Green. "He is a big bat and he is healthy. He is a good defender at third base as well.”

Green on if the Braves will win the division this year...

“I won’t say yes or no," said Green. "They will have a target on their back, but the pressure will be on Philly with all of the pieces they added.”

Green went on to talk about who are the teams to beat in the rest of the National League.

Green on the Braves building off last year... 

“I am looking for this team to take step forward, not taking a step back," said Green. "If they take a step forward why can’t they be great this year?”