You Wouldn't Pin a Pregnant Woman, Would You?

Tony Schiavone and Beau Le Blanc reconvened in the 92-9 Digital Studio to recap all the big news from the wide world of the squared circle. Beau brought up some recent comments from AEW's Cody Rhodes about not seeking to draw "casual fans" and whether it was a solid strategy. Tony was skeptical of reports about the WWE brand split remaining in tact when they jump to FOX and both him and Beau debated how much control Bischoff and Heyman actually have during the shows. As they broke down Raw and Smackdown the re-writes were pretty evident and Tony told some great stories about working on the booking committee with Dusty Rhodes and what advice he gave Darby Allin, that he did not follow. All that and little else, on today's episode of PWW!