PWW 059: Kofimania is Runnin' Wild!

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Tony Schiavone was back from his first comic convention, C2E2 and re-joined Beau Le Blanc in the 92-9 Digital Studio for another edition of PWW! After some talk about Beau's day job and Tony's love for the caped crusader, they got down to the business at hand, Kofimania! Is any other WrestleMania storyline making you as interested as Kofi Kingston's? Since Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch had their match set so many weeks ago, does it seem like they're just treading water the last couple weeks and did Charlotte NEED the Smackdown Women's Championship? Beau and Tony severely doubt Triple H's career will come to an end at 'Mania, but seemed like every bout on the card was getting extra stipulations added this week with The Miz demanding Shane face him in a falls-count-anywhere match. Colin Jost and Michael Che are fine entertainers, but have no business getting in the ring as Schiavone's time in WCW will tell you, celebrities generally can't work. They also hyped up next week's PWW WrestleMania special on Wednesday April 3rd at 11am. Keep up with the show on twitter and facebook at PWW929. Watch the show below, listen above or wherever you get your podcasts.