PWW 068: Feuding on Twitter

By 92-9 The Game
Tony Schiavone and Beau Le Blanc re-convened for another edition of Pro-Wrestling Wednesday on to break down WWE's Stomping Grounds event, and Beau had a lot to crow about as he nailed all of his match predictions from last episode. This prompted Tony to ask if that much predictability was a good or a bad thing and a healthy discussion was had. Talk then turned to WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins' tweets about how WWE is the best wrestling on the planet and that no one is doing it better than them or him. Because it was twitter, people came down on all sides, but Tony and Beau both appreciated Rollins' effort after weeks of people(including former Shield-mate, Jon Moxley) putting down his employer. Then attention turned to this week's WWE TV and while the 24/7 Title will probably always make the list of "Bad Ideas," the excellent in-ring work of Ziggler and Kofi made up for most the bad parts. Watch the show below, listen to it above or wherever you get your podcasts.