PWW 057: WWE Fastlane 2019 Preview

This week on PWW Beau Le Blanc and Tony Schiavone were fired up! Beau tried out a new intro to the show, which will probably only last one week, but we'd advise turning down the volume to start. Tony was fired up because he crushed an energy drink and was excited to talk up his upcoming live shows with Eric Bischoff. They touched on the passing of King Kong Bundy, the injury to Tomasso Ciampa and Beau reflected on his WWE Divas Undressed DVD as Torrie Wilson was announced for the 2019 class of the Hall of Fame. Then attention turned to this week's WWE TV and the last minute maneuvering before this weekend's event WWE Fastlane. As the final event before the biggest one of the year, seems liket he pieces are falling into place for both Raw and Smackdown, but does this mean not only a triple threat match, but Raw Women's Championship Triple Threat will close out the show of shows? Tony and Beau then made their official picks for the event and saw eye to eye on most of them. You can listen above, watch below or listen wherever you get your podcasts. 

Tony's picks: Andrade, Baron Corbin, McIntyre & Lashley, Charlotte Flair, Ricochet & Black, Usos, Nia Jax & Tamina, Mandy Rose and Daniel Bryan

Beau's picks: Andrade, The Shield, Becky Lunch, Revival, Usos, Nia Jax & Tamina, Mandy Rose and Daniel Bryan