WWE SummerSlam Recap and a Trip Down Memory Lane

Tony Schiavone and Beau Le Blanc reconvened in the Digital Studio for another facebook LIVE edition of PWW. After a brief discourse on hair, greying hair, body hair and blue hair, they got into the nuts and bolts of what went down at SummerSlam. Beau thought the biggest story coming out of the show was the debut of Bray Wyatt's "The Fiend" and the predictable win over Brock Lesnar by Seth Rollins. With SummerSlam in Toronto, Beau joked about how Canada wasn't exactly his idea of a Summer destination, which led Tony to talk about some of his favorite Bash at The Beach memories from his time at WCW. Clearly, WWE's new deal with FOX and USA is causing some anxiety about the brand split, but what can be done to fix it? All that and a recap of Sasha Banks' blue hair, this week, on PWW!