Could Bryse Wilson Get a Shot to Start for Braves?


92-9 the Game Atlanta Braves insider Joe Patrick joined Dukes & Bell and talked about where the Braves are with pitching now, the offense saving them again, and whether Bryse Wilson the next young Braves pitcher to get a chance at starting?

Could Wilson have an opportunity to get a shot at earning a spot in the starting rotation?

“I think that we are probably likely to see him get a start,” Patrick said. “That might not excite a lot of people. He has not had success in the major leagues so far in his career. The deal with Bryse Wilson is he needs to develop a third pitch, he’s really a two-pitch pitcher at this point and he’s had some trouble at times locating his fastball. He’s a fastball-changeup guy.

“He’s been working on a slider, the Braves wanted to see that develop. I think they do like the way it has been progressing since last season, but he’s going to have a chance to try to work himself into maybe battling with a guy like Cole Hamels to squeeze his way into a postseason rotation.”