Braves are overthinking the lineup


Braves manager Brian Snitker had a Zoom press conference on Thursday and discussed the closer situation and the lineup. Snitker bounced around questions on who the closer would be and who would be his top four batters in the lineup basically saying the team would keep their options open.

What!? This isn't rocket science!! Didn't the Braves just ditch their closer from last year and are paying Will Smith closer money? In 2019, the last full baseball season, Smith had 34 saves and a 2.76 ERA. What's the issue here?

Will Smith is the closer...plain and simple. AJ Minter is nice, but isn't a closer, yet, and Chris Martin isn't a closer either.

Why bounced around the question? Just say Will Smith is the closer!

Snitker also didn't commit to where Freddie Freeman is batting. We all know he's going to bat third. Yes, Freeman batted second for awhile in 2020, but that was with a designated hitter and no pitchers batting.

2021 is going to back to the 'old' rules and it doesn't make sense to bat Freeman second. Albies or Swanson make way more sense in the two hole.

It's the same old stuff from Snitker though...dancing around questions instead of just coming out and saying what will be.

Jon Chuckery goes on a rant about Snitker overthinking the closer situation and the lineup.