Chip Caray: How Are Braves Still Playing Well Amidst Adversity?


The voice of the Atlanta Braves joined Kyle Bailey this morning on the Clubhouse as he discussed how the Braves are still succeeding despite injuries to star players such as Ronald Acuña Jr.

The main takeaway from Kyle this weekend for Kyle watching the Braves was the amazing performance from pitcher Max Fried as Chip described Max's season so far as:

"He's Cy Young worthy as far as I'm concerned," said Caray. "He's taken the next logical step as a pitcher which is how to pitch and set up hitters, work the count, and to pitch to his strengths. He knows how good he is and he's just scratching the surface at what he is possible of doing down the line."

When it comes to the rest of the Braves rotation since Mike Soroka's gruesome injury, Chip told that the talent is there is with the players, it's just that they are having to learn on the fly and they are learning this under a big microscope.