Is it Ozuna or bust for the Braves?


Are the Braves pushing all in on Marcel Ozuna? After George Springer signs a 6-year, $150 million deal with the Blue Jays, outfield free agents are slim, and the market for Ozuna is heating up.

It could be that the Braves are just waiting to see if the DH is a go in the National League, but didn't Alex Anthopoulos say he was comfortable with Ozuna playing the outfield just a year ago?

If another team signs Ozuna, where will the Braves go for a clean-up hitter to protect Freddie Freeman? Will the Braves go the cheap route and just bring up Drew Waters?

Chcukery says that cannot be the case for the Braves, who need a sure-fire clean up hitter in the lineup to make it back to the World Series.