Ronald Acuña Jr. Activation from IL Huge for MLB with Many Big Names Injured

Why trade deadline may be a dud for Major League Baseball

Baseball columnist for Rotowire and for Fangraphs, Jason Collette, joined Kyle Bailey to discuss the biggest stories across MLB with the trade deadline fast approaching.

The first thing Kyle asked Jason was how big is the breaking news of the activation for Ronald Acuña Jr. off the IL for the Braves and Jason told Kyle that it's huge and it is also a good sign for the MLB with so many big names being out with injuries throughout the shortened season.

Then Kyle wanted to know with the revised trade deadline coming up next week if we will see any big names moved and Jason quickly shot that idea down stating:

"I have very pessimistic expectations for it because with a shortened season because so many teams are still in it with an expanded postseason. There are not many teams that are willing to part ways with some players. You do have players on expiring contracts like Phillies Catcher J.T. Realmuto could become available if the Phillies struggle this week, but for the most part, I'm not expecting much action in the way of big moves."

Kyle also wanted to get his thoughts on the Fernando Tatis situation between the Rangers as Jason wished Tatis did not apologize for hitting a grand slam with a 3-0 count up 7 as Jason says you never know when your team could blow a lead. Jason also got across the point that Tatis is a phenomenal talent, and the MLB needs more players like him.