Why can't Ozzie Albies be Braves' cleanup hitter?


On Friday Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael continued their discussion about the Atlanta Braves lineup that they have had over the last few days, specifically who would bat in the cleanup spot if Freddie Freeman hit in the two spot, behind Ronald Acuña Jr.

“If you look at what [Travis] d’Arnaud did last year, his power numbers were better, but Ozzie’s [Albies'] power numbers were really good when he came back from injury,” said Andy.

“On what side of the plate Andy,” asked Randy.

“I know Ozzie’s not as good of a hitter when he is batting left-handed, at least from an average standpoint, as he is when he is batting right-handed. But his power numbers are pretty good from both sides,” Andy answered.

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“When I look at these guys’ (Braves hitters) numbers the first thing that comes up in certain spots is 'Well he strikes out too much.' Ozzie does not strike out any more than d’Arnaud does and they all strike out a lot. Outside of Freddie Freeman all of these guys strike out a ton,” Andy added.

“In an ideal world he [Riley] is the power bat you would want in that spot [cleanup] but I’d put Ozzie there. I’d bat Ozzie fourth, give it a shot, I like Ozzie as the cleanup hitter,” Andy continued.