Why this Braves team is different

By 92-9 The Game

The Atlanta Braves beat the Cincinnati Reds to get their first postseason series win since 2001. Dukes & Bell talked about what makes this team different from some of the teams in the past we’ve seen lose playoff series.

Will talked about the team making history.

“The Braves had the highest ERA in the history of baseball, it was over 5, like 5.51 to ever make a postseason,” Palaszczuk said. “They get thru the Wild Card round with no runs allowed in 22 innings; rather impressive.”

Mike talked about how this team has been clutch.

“Everyone has to be so excited that’s a Braves fan. About Ian Anderson and just how he’s responded to this,” Bell said. “There’s no measurable for clutch, he’s got it. He’s a cool customer, he’s up for the moment.”