Could Taysom Hill be starting QB Falcons face on Sunday?


CBS Sports Bryant McFadden joined Dukes & Bell to talk some NFL with the guys and Bryant thinks that while we know we won’t see Drew Brees under center against the Falcons we might not see the quarterback you expect to see starting against them on Sunday.

McFadden said he thinks that Taysom Hill will be the starter on Sunday.

“I’m going to put this on the record right now, I think Taysom Hill might be the starting quarterback, it would not surprise me.” McFadden said “The reason why I say that is they paid Taysom Hill a contract that many people did not understand and you’re paying him two years twenty-plus million dollars to be basically a position less player. You don’t see that in the National Football League so the best way to satisfy him is to give him a shot.”

“Do I think that’s the best call? No, because Jameis is a quarterback, Taysom Hill is a joystick type player, he’s a gadget player, and he does a lot. If Taysom Hill is the starting quarterback, Falcons lets go, show him why he should not be a quarterback in the National Football League.”