How do you cheer for your team to lose, while cheering for them to win?


How can you cheer for your team and want them to win and at the same time cheer for your team and want them to lose? The guys on Dukes & Bell talked about fans who say they want the Falcons to lose for a better draft pick.

Carl talked about not understanding this type of logic.

“What is it? Which one is it? And if it’s one or the other why? If it’s to win, which is what the objective is in sports, then I get that. But if it’s to lose explain to me how losing, unless you’re doing a complete reset, which I don’t think is going to happen.” Dukes said “So what is losing ultimately going to do for us even if you do have a top five pick if you’re not going to do a complete reset?”

“It’s the hardest thing we’re dealing with right now because you feel like we are completely out of the picture, and I don’t think we are.”