Even without Quinn, Falcons losing winnable games


The Atlanta Falcons did it to you again. They did it to all of us. They lost in unbelievable fashion to the Detroit Lions.

My father told me when I was a young kid, "winners find ways to win and losers find ways to lose." Meet this nucleus of Atlanta Falcons football players.

There is no way to quantify this, other than to look at the NFL standings section and see the number of losses piling up. It's something you can't visually pinpoint. It's not something that number nerds and sabermetricians can build a statistic around. It's merely a PHD in ineptitude. An advanced degree in situational awareness. Flat-out embarrassing from paid professionals making millions of dollars.

Let's start with the gaffes before we get to the silver lining in all of this.

Raheem Morris, how do you not kick a field-goal on 4th and 5 and settle for 3 to go up 4-points on Detroit? As Mike Bell pointed out on Twitter, you are auditioning for another job and you failed. Take the points and force Matthew Stafford to go the length of the field and score a touchdown.

Todd Gurley, how do you not fall down at the 1-yard line and let the clock bleed down and kick what is basically an old school extra-point and win the game? Gurley looked like he was channeling his inner Ahmad Bradshaw from years ago with the New York Giants.

Dirk Koetter, how can you call that play and not have Matt Ryan in the victory formation, take a knee and then kick the winning field-goal?

This will not stop until all guilty parties are removed from the franchise. Koetter, Morris, the rest of the staff and even veteran players who have their hands on this stench.

That being said, there is a positive from all of today's dysfunction. You remain a 1-win team. And that is best for business.

It serves zero purpose to win another game this year. What does 4-12 get you? How about 6-10? Are you happy? Are you claiming progress?!

The goal is to finish 1-15 and give yourself the best possible chance at getting Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence. Period. End of discussion.

Losing in heartbreaking fashion is in this team's fabric. It's in their DNA. Please don't break-brand and do otherwise. Winning would be counterproductive. Don't start now. It would only add to the pain of this fan base.