Falcons' Secondary Needs to Improve Quickly


When we take a look back at the failures of the Falcons defense in the 38-25 loss to Seattle, most of the blame falls on the secondary.

Failures at key moments of the game, both early and late, led to TD's and the game slipping away from the Falcons.

John and Hugh talk about Dan Quinn's comments about the Falcons secondary needing to improve and doing so quickly because of the caliber of QBs they face in the future.

"In theory, there's enough talent in that secondary that you should be pretty good and they got torn apart by Russell Wilson," says John Fricke. "You're going to have to face Dak Prescott this week. When Dan Quinn says you have to do better in the future, the future is Sunday. You gotta do better now."

They have to learn on the fly and it's not going to get any easier," explains Hugh Douglas. "Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and CeeDee Lamb are going to look at that film and feel real comfortable about some of the matchups they have."

After facing Russell Wilson in Week 1, they get Dak Prescott in Week 2. Some of the other top-tier QBs they face this season are Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees (2X), Tom Brady (2X), and Patrick Mahomes.

Dan Quinn has said that he doesn't expect Kendall Sheffield to be out for long, and maybe he can be the difference in the secondary.