McClain: The Texans are not trading DeShaun Watson under any circumstance


NFL insider John McClain joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the Deshaun Watson drama in Houston, including will Deshaun Watson be traded?

McClain talked about the trade rumors surrounding DeShaun Watson.

“First off DeShaun Watson will not be traded under any circumstances, he’s has not told the Texans he wants to be traded, he’s wanted to be consulted in the search for the General Manager and the search for the Head Coach.” McClain said “He told the owner, Cal McNair, he reached out to McNair several weeks ago about having lunch asking him what he was looking for in a head coach and then said to keep me appraised.”

“I keep seeing people around the league talking about anonymous sources saying Watson’s unhappy because Caserio was hired, no that’s not the case he’s unhappy because they didn’t let him know. He wasn’t trying to hire the GM, and they told him we’ll let you know on the coach because that’s the one that directly affects him. And in Houston no one likes the Caserio hire because he came from the Patriots like Bill O’brien.”