Morris: We have to impose our will on Saints


Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Raheem Morris joined Dukes & Bell as we talked about the win over the Raiders, the emergence of Jacob Tuioti-Mariner, plus what do we need to do against the Saints to get a different outcome than the first game.

Raheem talked about what the team needs to do differently to beat the Saints.

“We just simply cannot allow them to go out and dictate terms again.” Morris said “Last time they were able to go out and play exactly the type of game they want to play, they were able to limit our offense and limit our offensive production. They were able to keep their offense in the game, able to run the football, throw play-action pass to stay on schedule and we cannot allow them to do that.”

“Our job like we always talk about is forcing our will on our opponent, going out there and scoring and getting the ball back. Those things have to happen, the times that we beat these guys we went out there and get after the quarterback, got the ball back and we got to do that again and duplicate it.”