Raheem Morris qualified, but not right for Falcons long-term


After the 0-5 start and the dismissal of Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator Raheem Morris was elevated to the role of interim head coach.

Immediately there was discussion about Morris and if he could have the interim tag removed and take over full time. But Falcons owner Arthur Blank was quick to slow those thoughts.

Despite Blank's comments, Morris got off to a 3-1 start with the Falcons and more and more noise has been made about whether he would be a fit in Atlanta long-term.

More focus has been placed on The Rooney Rule in recent years. And while Morris is one of the few African American head coaches currently in the NFL, and has head coaching experience previously in Tampa Bay, you still have to wonder how he'd fit in Atlanta.

New York Daily News NFL columnist Charles McDonald joined John and Hugh and spoke about Raheem's viability with the Falcons beyond this season.

"I would like to start over and see if you can get somebody else here," says Charles McDonald. "Raheem is doing a good job, but when you get into situations like this, you don't want to leave remnants of the old coaching staff behind.

"I really do hope that he gets a job elsewhere, because this league is in need of black head coaches," continues McDonald. "His time as a head coach, not just in Atlanta, he's qualified to do that job. But for this franchise just need to hit a hard reset and think about what's coming next."

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