It's Falcons' players, not coaches, who are failing fans

Stop blaming Falcons' coaches for player mistakes...

The Falcons made the decision to fire Dan Quinn after an 0-5 start that included last-second losses to the Cowboys and the Bears. Among the reasons he was let go was the finish to the Cowboys game and the question of whether the players did or didn't know the onside kick rules.

Even with Quinn gone, the Falcons latest loss couldn't help but bring back up some memories of the Cowboys disaster.

The Falcons 23-22 last-second loss to the Lions can be directly put on Todd Gurley not falling down at the 1, but instead going into the end zone for a touchdown.

There will be those who blame Raheem Morris for the ugly ending. But the Falcons interim coach made it very clear post game that the team had a plan and Gurley was unable to execute it.

At some point in the majority of games this season the Falcons have been in a desirable position and have failed to finish. And while the coaches have taken and accepted and dealt with the blame, it's really the players who are failing the fans.

There is no doubt that you can directly put the loss Sunday to the Lions and the Week 2 loss to the Cowboys squarely on the players. Yet, it's the coaches who come under fire.

John and Hugh took a look at the loss on Monday morning and who they place the blame on and Hugh Douglas, as a former defensive player in the NFL, feels differently.

"Todd Gurley was doing what he's supposed to do," says Hugh Douglas. "It's the defense, that's what you get paid to do. You have 75 yards and all you have to do is make one play."

All Todd Gurley had to do was go down after he converted the first down and the Falcons would be in the win column (assuming Koo converted a short FG). Gurley can talk about how mad he is all he wants, but it's Raheem Morris who ultimately has to deal with another bad loss.

However, this loss is not on Coach Morris, it is a player's loss. The Cowboys mess was a player's loss. The Bears disaster was a player's loss. It's time to stop blaming the coaches for the players failure to execute when it matters.