Rapper T.I. hilariously goes nuclear on Falcons QB Matt Ryan


Rapper T.I. joined Dukes & Bell to talk about his new album, his recent comments on Matt Ryan, plus what he misses most about not being able to tour.

T.I. talked about why he thinks the team should move on from Matt Ryan.

“It’s one of those things that you don’t know why it ain’t working, you just know it ain’t working anymore," T.I. said. "You don’t stick around in a situation that ain’t working trying to figure out why it ain’t working, you’re trying to move forward. Once you’ve realized, 'OK this ain’t working, we ain’t getting the kind of results that we paid $30 million dollars to see,' so at that point you have to develop an exit strategy so you can transition into a new energy. They knew that with the coach, they obviously knew that with the GM, how the hell they can’t see it with the quarterback?

“If we would have gotten Cam Newton and the Patriots would have taken Matt Ryan, I think that would have been a better fit for us and them. Based off of my knowledge of Cam Newton as an athlete, as a quarterback, we need energy like that. That’s what represents Atlanta. There has never been a more celebrated, a more supported quarterback in this city than Michael Vick, whether you like it or not. That’s the kinda energy this team needs. Matt Ryan ain’t that kinda energy. Matt Ryan is a little too laid back, he’s a little less Hennessy and a little more sauvignon blanc.”